Does the mere thought of the screaming, and whining, and fighting coming from the back seat of your vehicle the last time you went on vacation cause you to cringe when considering that long car trip to your next vacation? Tebelley Bear has the answer!

Do your children or grandchildren ache for a bedtime story at just the moment when you feel you really have neither the time, the patience or the creativity to oblige their demand? Tebelley Bear is there!

Would you like to give your little loved one the gift of friendship, excitement, adventure, loyalty, heroism, problem solving, and "infotainment" they’ll remember for a lifetime? Tebelley Bear is ready for ACTION!

Introduce your children or even your grandchildren to Tebelley Bear stories and help them discover for themselves the joy children have been raving about for years.

Tebelley Bear - The Citibear is thrilled to be a part of your family! Tebelley Bear is not your typical fairy tale bear, and his adventures do not resemble your classical fairy tales. Through original, unedited storytelling and strong narration Tebelley Bear stories have been designed to delight and uniquely crafted to stimulate the minds of children everywhere. Tebelley Bear and his band of colorful characters will capture your children’s imaginations and won’t let go . . . at least not until Tebelley’s next exciting adventure.

Set in the most exciting city in the world - New York City - your children will join Tebelley Bear and his friend Joey Roberts on gritty, cutting edge, modern and best of all, fun adventures to places they may never have been to before, and will learn new things about places they may have visited before. Either way, they are certain to enjoy the comradery and of course, all of the action!

As Tebelley Bear and Joey Roberts devise their plan to bring their arch enemy, that "mean man" - Meano Greeno - to justice along with the help of their friends, the "Man at the Door" and Frank the Cab Driver, you will find your children cheering them on and feeling as if they are a part of the story - which they really are!!

And there is no doubt those humorous interactions between Tebelley Bear and those denizens of the Texas frontier - Billy Bob John, Shootin’ Tootin’ Sam, Wrangling Russel, and Cajun Jim (who POP quite miraculously off Joey Roberts pillow case) will certainly put a healthy smile on your young listener! After all, what good New York City story isn’t enhanced by the enchantment of that magical place known to all as the Wild Wild West?!

So . . . what are you waiting for?!? Order your child a Tebelley Bear Audio Story today, and watch their face glow with excitement for years to come!

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