Papi is a great story teller, and Tebelley Bear is a lot of fun. I can listen to Tebelley Bear Stories over and over again!
Rachel, age 7
Spring Valley, NY

Where does Papi come up with the ideas for Tebelley Bear - they’re so good! I especially like when Billy Bob John talks to Tebelley Bear!
Sara, age 10
Cedarhurst, NY

Tebelley Bear stories are cool to listen to. I was once in a taxi cab and the driver’s name was Frank and I asked him if he knew Tebelley Bear!!
Zachy, age 9
Monsey NY

Look out Meano Greeno, Tebelley Bear is going to catch you and bring you to justice!!
Lauren, age 12
Edison, NJ

How does the Man at the Door know so much stuff?! Papi can you tell us another story tomorrow?
Samuel, age 6
Brooklyn, NY

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