Papi has always loved telling stories, with all the imagination and creativity that come with entertaining others. Way back in high school (that’s going back to the 1980's!), Papi can still remember telling a group of friends a scary story at a slumber party, and the next morning a friend told him, "I loved your scary story . . . I think even you got scared telling it!" The story was so real - they were right!

Papi is a proud husband and father of three wonderful boys. As youngsters, Papi started telling enchanting bedtime stories to his three young sons to soothe them to sleep, until one evening the boys fell in love with the character of a certain Citibear, named Tebelley Bear. From then on, all they wanted to hear were stories about Tebelley Bear, his friend Joey Roberts and their adventures in New York City.

Papi is so appreciative you took the time to share his creations with your family and friends. He would love to hear what you think of Tebelley Bear’s adventures. Who knows? May be your child or grandchild will be so inspired by Tebelley Bear that they will grow up to share their creativity with others one day in the wonderful world of original story telling!




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