"It’s time for bed boys, you all need a good night’s sleep."

"Can you tell us a story Papi?"

"Do you promise you’ll go to sleep if I tell you a really good story?"

"I promise! I promise! I promise!"

And just like that, Tebelley Bear - The CitiBear - was born.

The Adventures of Tebelley Bear in New York City started out as bedtime stories for three wonderful boys. The stories were told in installments to increase suspense and interest. The boys kept demanding more stories.

Soon, Papi decided to record the nightly stories so the boys could listen to them again whenever they wanted.

Tebelley Bear was introduced to the "outside world" when Papi offered an audio cassette to family friends to entertain their children in their car while on a joint vacation. This was their reaction . . ..

"Tebelley Bear is GREAT! You’ve got to market this Papi."

"Your children enjoyed the Tebelley Bear stories? Good, that makes me happy! At least now I know its not just my kids who enjoy Tebelley Bear Stories."

"Not only did our kidsenjoy it, I was having trouble paying attention to the road I was so engrossed in the story . . . ‘ACTION TO ACTION TEBELLEY BEAR IS READY FOR ACTION!’"

Tebelley Bear’s fame and appeal has grown since the original stories and recordings were shared with family and friends.

And now it’s time to reach out to your children and encourage them to enjoy the fun and wholesome excitement of . . ..





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